Rum Balls



Note: The amount of granulated stevia you use is up to you. Some people want it sweeter, some people like their rum balls more bitter (like me, and I am correct and you should make them more bitter cause I said so)



Making some balls. Rum balls.

Add the almond flour, granulated stevia, and cocoa powder into a medium-large bowl and mix together until it appears as an even brown tone. Kinda like potting soil.

In a small pan or pot, melt the butter on lowest heat, then add the rum and mix thoroughly. Pour that mixture into the dry ingredients.

Using your filthy hands, mix and mix the ingredients together. Be patient; it takes a few minutes to really get the liquid to coat all the dry stuff. When you can squeeze a clump in your hand and it stays together, you're ready to start forming little balls. Or big ones. Heh.

Pour the powdery stevia into a little bowl and roll the balls all around it, coating them comepletely, giving them a lovely snowy appearance. This should make about 30-50 balls depending on how large you make them.